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FrontLine Strong

Frontline Strong’s mission is to serve those who make selfless service their life’s work. Our goal is to decrease the impact of trauma on the lives of first responders, frontline healthcare workers, veterans, and their families through access to free counseling services with therapists and social workers with a passion for working with those on the frontline.

Mission Statement

To facilitate the removal of stigma caused by trauma in our Frontline and Veteran communities and their families by providing education for mental health awareness and resources to various forms of trauma healing.

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Veterans are diagnosed with PTSD

*US National Library of Medicine published 2016 
U.S. troops who served in wars over the past 13 years have been diagnosed with PTSD.

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Frontline Strong has partnered with Boom City Coffee to provide people with a coffee that’s not only quality, but will also support Frontline workers in getting the help they need to overcome trauma.

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