Our Mission


Our Mission

Vision Statement

To show you a way forward to heal the trauma that has tormented you. Frontline Strong continues to focus on removing the stigma caused by trauma in our Frontline and Veteran communities as well as their families by providing education on mental health and PTSD awareness, no-cost mental health therapy, and other resources to various forms of trauma healing for those individuals struggling with or that are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or depression. We believe that your darkness is not your end but a part of your story. We want to be that light during these brave individuals’ dark moments and help get them back onto the path of mental and emotional healing. We hope to show others a way forward to heal the trauma that has tormented them for far too long.

Join the Fight for Freedom

Frontline Strong will provide the following services:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 2 of development will consist of programs that offer no-cost mental therapy  to the spouses and children of this brave community who develop secondary PTSD and anxiety through daily interactions with the individual suffering through their traumatic event.

Phase 3:

Phase 3 Frontline Strong will establish programs to provide no-cost childcare to help lessen the strain on families that may not have childcare resources, which may hinder their ability to seek out and receive the mental healing that they or their family may so desperately need.

Phase 4:

Phase 4 will consist of program development for Physical and Massage Therapy and Alternative Exercise Education.